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Henrietta Armstrong · Ute Essig · Mars Gomes · Kirsty Harris · Fiona Banner · Ann Marie Peña · COLLAGISM · Hayley Harrison · Ana Čvorović · Fiona Grady · Sarah Longworth-West · Araba Ocran ·

El Vonne Brown · Elly Thomas · Lizz Brady · Joe Hesketh · Alison Gill · Zara Ramsay ·

Jane Oldfield · Fiona Sarison · Nadine Tropschuh

WIMMIN II (2019) exhibited 21 artists looking at  Interdependence. This exhibition examined  the home as a symbol of conventional female identity, with a statement about 'the private space' as a crucial element to where all social cultural and political beliefs originate, the personal is political. We deconstructed the idea of femininity as a passive social element by showcasing the strength of diversity. This exhibition was included in the prestigious Artlicks Weekend 2019 program during the London Arts week.





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